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Epic Integration


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Goodbye Double Charting!

Get valuable information about your practice and birth outcomes without having to log any additional information. With our Epic integration, BirthTracks will connect to your Epic system and automatically upload data about your prenatal patients and their births so you can use our platform to track your statistics without the work.

Designed for Midwives

Obtaining reports from your EHR generally requires a data specialist and are usually inaccurate or incomplete. Births are often billed under the physician services and operative deliveries are not included.

Obtaining accurate data about midwifery care requires a dedicated platform that understands these complexities. BirthTracks not only identifies the correct midwifery patients but prioritizes ACNM supported metrics so you can improve outcomes and promote your practice.

Gone are the days of waiting weeks to hear back from your quality team about what your C/S rate was. Get instant access to all your stats anytime!

Benefits of EHR Integration

      • Save Provider Time
        Data entry in BirthTracks will no longer be necessary
      • Reduce Errors
        Ensure complete and accurate data to track due dates and birth stats
      • Reduce Lost Revenue
        Accurately track transfers and identify missed charges
      • Gain More Valuable Information
        Access even more statistics to promote your practice and improve quality

Participation in ACNM Benchmarking is now 100% automated!

Compare your stats to other midwifery practices, contribute to the promotion of midwifery care in the US, and enter to earn an ACNM Best Practice Award.

IT Requirements

BirthTracks will require authorization from your IT department to connect to Epic. We will provide all necessary documentation to demonstrate security compliance with your facility. Upon authorization, our technical team will set up the connection and we will work with you to test that you are receiving the correct types of information about your patients.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient data is encrypted using hospital-level encryption and appropriate administrative and physical safeguards are used to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of protected health information. For more information please review our Privacy Policy.


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