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What is ACNM Benchmarking?


Are you an ACNM member?

Participation in the ACNM Benchmarking Project is a perk of your membership! Read more to learn how benchmarking can improve your practice and how to participate.

What is the ACNM Benchmarking Project?

The ACNM Benchmarking Project is a quality assurance program created by the American College of Nurse Midwives that allows participating practices to compare their birth outcomes and care processes to practices that are similar in size and environment.

Who can participate?

Any midwifery practice (of any size) with at least one ACNM member. 

How does benchmarking help my practice?

  • Provides tangible proof of improved patient outcomes and decreased cost-sensitive measures 
  • Enables you to speak with authority to insurers, employers, hospital administrators and policy makers
  • Provides statistics you can use to promote your practice to new clients and the community
  • Possibility to earn an ACNM Best Practice Award!

How do I participate in Benchmarking?

Data is submitted once a year online through the ACNM Benchmarking Portal or through BirthTracks. The survey opens February 1st and remains available until March 15th. The data requested is in the form of aggregate practice-level data (i.e. raw numbers in total for the practice) and should represent care provided during the prior calendar year (January 1st – December 31st). 

How do I collect data for Benchmarking?

25% of participating practices use BirthTracks to log their births and automatically submit their aggregate data to ACNM.

The remaining practices use another form of data collection such as a spreadsheet and then enter their totals into the benchmarking portal when the survey opens. 

Some practices can request this information from their hospital EHR but make sure you review the data for accuracy as there can be errors in the coding especially in regards to the delivering provider. 

Which births do I count?

ACNM recommends that you include any births where the majority of the care was delivered by your midwifery practice. This includes intrapartum transfers or patients that are transferred to OB care for a cesarean or instrument-assisted delivery.

What measures are required?

ACNM lists their measures and definitions in their User Guide. Although it is encouraged to track as many measures as you can, there are only a few that are required:

  • Total number of vaginal births 
  • Number of primary cesarean sections
  • Number of repeat Cesarean sections
  • Number of CNM/CM full-time equivalents (FTEs)
  • Practice name and mailing address
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address 

How does BirthTracks help?

BirthTracks is a customizable birth log that enables you to collect data on ACNM Benchmarking measures along with any other variables you are interested in tracking. Upon your approval, BirthTracks automatically submits your aggregated data to the ACNM Benchmarking Project. You can also track your stats throughout the year with our easy-to-use graphs, reports, and dashboard. Start a free trial today to see how easy it is to track your births and participate in benchmarking. 


If you want to participate in Benchmarking in 2023, you must start collecting data on January 1, 2023.



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