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How to Use Quality Statistics to Market Your Midwifery Practice

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In the increasingly competitive birth industry, midwifery practices and birth centers face the challenge of not only providing physiologic, high-quality care but also effectively marketing their services to expectant parents.

Quality statistics play a pivotal role in showcasing the excellence of your practice, instilling trust in potential clients, and ultimately boosting your reputation among the community and local hospitals. We'll explore how midwifery practices can leverage quality statistics to create compelling marketing strategies that resonate with prospective clients.

Understanding Quality Statistics

Quality statistics refer to measurable data that reflect the practice's performance, safety, and patient satisfaction levels. Many expectant parents seek out midwives for their focus on low interventions and want to see the data to support this. Demonstrate the safety of your care by providing statistics about your experience such as overall birth count and low complication rates. Keep your message positive by celebrating your success in VBACs or breastfeeding and throw in a couple fun statistics to keep it light. 

Review the list below for examples of quality statistics that your practice can utilize in your marketing efforts. 

Low Intervention Statistics

  1. Cesarean Section Rate
  2. Forcep and Vacuum Delivery Rate
  3. Epidural Use
  4. Episiotomy Rate
  5. Induction Rate

Safety Statistics

  1. Overall Birth Count, Home Births, Water Births 
  2. Transfers to Hospital
  3. NICU Admissions
  4. Low Apgars
  5. Postpartum Hemorrhages

Positive Outcomes

  1. VBAC Success
  2. Breastfeeding Success
  3. Intact Perineum Rate
  4. Patient Satisfaction Scores

Fun Statistics

  1. Largest Baby
  2. Most Common Baby Name
  3. Number of Boys and Girls
  4. Most Popular Birth Month

How to Market Your Statistics

Now let's delve into how to effectively use these quality statistics in your practice's marketing efforts.

1. Client Interviews

Use your quality statistics to demonstrate your focus on safe physiologic birth. Many midwifery practices and birth centers will use their BirthTracks dashboard to help clients visualize their positive outcomes and showcase their commitment to quality assurance and improvement. The dashboard allows you to compare your monthly performance in key metrics such as overall birth rate, C/S rate, VBAC Success, vacuum/forcep deliveries, episiotomy rates, postpartum hemorrhage, breastfeeding, and infant outcomes. 

2. Create an Informative Website

Your website should serve as a hub of information for prospective clients. Include a dedicated section that prominently displays your quality statistics. Use easy-to-understand infographics and charts to illustrate your center's performance.

3. Share Compelling Success Stories

Compile and share real-life stories of successful births at your practice. Incorporate relevant statistics within these stories to back up the positive outcomes. Testimonials from satisfied clients and patient satisfaction scores can be powerful marketing tools.

4. Educational Content

Publish blog posts or videos that explain the importance of quality statistics in birth center selection. Share insights into how these statistics correlate with safe physiologic birth. Use data-backed information to empower expectant parents to make informed decisions about their birthing experience, positioning your center as the go-to resource.

5. Utilize Social Media

Leverage platforms like Facebook and Instagram to regularly post snippets of your quality statistics. Use attention-grabbing visuals and captions to explain their significance. Keep it simple and don't overload your posts with too much information. Throw in a couple fun statistics like largest baby, boys to girls ratio or most popular birth name. Engage with comments and inquiries to build trust and rapport. Check out the examples below:


Birth Center Stats post
Birth Center Stats Post
Birth Center Stats Post
Birth Center Stats Post
Birth Center Stats Post
Birth Center Stats
Birth Center Stats Post
Birth Center Stats Post


How to Collect Statistics

Gone are the days of needing a hand-written birth log and a calculator. BirthTracks offers a simple platform for midwives to securely log their births online and easily track their quality statistics.

BirthTracks key features include:

  • Simple customizable birth log that only takes a couple minutes to enter a birth 
  • Integration with Epic EHR
  • Dashboard highlighting key quality metrics
  • Easy-to-use graphs and charts that you can export to a social media post, email, or your website
  • Calendar to track due dates and births
  • Automatic submission to the ACNM Benchmarking Project
  • HIPAA compliant
  • 30-day Free Trial

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo to learn more today.